Meet your groomer

Hello. My name is Christine. I am the owner and groomer at Breeze Pet Salon. I have been working as a professional groomer since 2002. I am passionate about what I do and enjoy helping dogs feel their best. I named the business after my Border Collie. She has been with me throughout my whole career. When she was younger we competed in agility and flyball. She was also my hiking and camping companion and co-pilot in all of life's adventures. I hope to pass along some of the love Breeze and I have shared by treating every dog who comes to visit with compassion and respect.

Of course I can't forget to mention my other furry family members!  Penny Lane  is a hyper, loud ,energetic, one of a kind Cattledog/Pit mix. She makes the best running buddy! 

Slick is our fun loving goofy "Mr. Wiggly Wiggles" Black Lab. He comes to work with me most days to perform his duties as our official greeter. He would love for you to come say hello!